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Aleksandra M. Kisiel
Artist | Traditional Art
I'm Aleksandra and I like to draw... (obviously).
None have ever taught me how to draw, so I try to cope using the trial and error approach...
I've been considering some art course, but I always seem to have some more urgent expenditures...

I don't do perfect, I only do the best I can.
I appreciate every :+fav: and every comment and watch, even if I failed to thank someone personally. I'm grateful for your support. :thanks:

Feature and Feedback : Darkness

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 4, 2015, 3:45 AM
There is always darkness at the bottom of my heart, strangely alluring and mysterious... it whispers. I was always drawn to drawings and pictures that are darker, both in color and in the specific mood they covey. We try to live ignoring the dark-side, focus on positive aspects of life. And darkness is like a deep, grim pond right next to our path, that we try not to look at. But some of us stop, and take a glance, and crouch by the edge and dip fingers in the murky waters, answering some strange whispers. I do it each time I stumble onto drawings such as this:

The yard by MichaelBrack
"The Yard" desolate and grim. Some abandoned, dark places have power over me, awake unease at the bottom of my heart, anxiety and fear yet at the same time lure me in, invite me into darkness, and I can hardly resist.

Ghouls by nightserpent
"Ghouls" There are many reasons that draw me into this picture, like the quiet New England village, a place trapped in time, trapped in the past, and its small graveyard where tombstones are what they should, standing tall, casting shadows, not just plaques on the ground. And the Ghouls of course creeping into fringes of that calm night, like agents of chaos, agents of darkness.

Angel of Death by Orm-Z-Gor
"Angel of Death".  The dark shape looming over small town,  shadow swelling in the sky, a portend of impending doom, so far unnoticed by town dwellers, specks of dust in the greater scheme of things.
Huginn and Muninn by brightredrose
"Huginn and Muninn" The moon and the crows, and the twisted dry branches of a dead tree. Rooks, crows and ravens are too agents of darkness, they always stand on the dark side in our mind. Perhaps because they feed on carrion, perhaps because the darkness shimmers in their feathers. They carry our fears on their wings. And the moon, rather glows then shines, casting its eerie light, it does not seem to dissipate the darkness only gives it charm.

Path of thorns by SandraHultsved
"Path of Thorns" Dark forests are like dark places, mysterious and tempting, but also scary. They awaken in my mind what has been dormant and primal. They draw me in like magnet, and I know with one step I can leave reality behind with its reason and logic and mundane affairs, and cross over to a dark world and peek at its secret. I chose this picture in particular because I love the way the branches twist together, weaving a cage of sorts, closing over her, and the shimmering fog that s ready to embrace her.

The Lepidopterist by usvakorpi

"The Lepidopterist" creature of the dark woods, creature of moths. Moths stand for shadows, intuition, concealment and secret knowledge. They are delicate and fragile, yet beautiful in a different kind of beauty, not the standard type, colorful and  gleeful, this they leave to their day-time cousins. I think of this drawing as of the moth witch, hiding her face makes her less human, and I wonder does she have a face at all? what is under the skull... if anything but darkness?

Underworld by Asteri-A
"Underworld" I love the vibe of this picture, the general atmosphere it projects, tangible gloom. It i;s not the realism that is most important but the feel t has, how it makes me feel looking at it. And the Underworld is dark and the faint light cannot reach it, and it is always concealed from our eyes, until our time comes. I like the trees serving as the agents of the dark, enveloping coffins and the dead in their roots' grasp, passing them down, forcing them the down.

,Cemetary dance by Skirill
"Cemetary dance" Danse macabre a theme that bothered people from the Middle Ages also known as the Dark Ages. We are all mortal and the biggest mystery is death and what comes after if anything. It seems dwelling on the subject, considering it closely from all angles, helps to tame the idea. At first we might be scared to dip our fingers in the pool of darkness, but as we do we get used to it, and to get that eerie feeling in our hearts again, we need to move our hand deeper under the surface.
The Crow by Maria-Anatolievna
"The Crow" one of my favorite characters I remember from my early teens. Stuck between darkness and light between life and death. I have a lot of sentiment to this character, and to the artist who drew him. And I would not pass on the opportunity to include it here.

beyond by weremoon
"beyond" I chose this one to close my collection of 10.  The promise of mystery and secrets. Like a gloomy equivalent of an lighthouse, seeping darkness, like a giant magnet, exerting tangible force to bring me closer.

Who needs color to  sow grains of darkness in our hearts?
this is part of: Feature and Feedback Contest by Agaave

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I Just Sold...

Priestess of the Old Ones... by Doberlady

Priestess of the Old Ones...

May 16, 2015
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